Picking the Right Hand Held Shower Heads for Elderly People

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Since long time ago, hand held shower heads have been elderly people’s choice for the shower. This is really beneficial for elderly people who have difficulty in taking shower in standing position. The shower is usually equipped with extendable hose that can be moved freely. With this kind of shower head, elderly people can sit and enjoy taking a bath without worrying there are any parts of the body that couldn’t be reached.

Since this is for elderly people, we should choose the shower heads really carefully. The first consideration is the length of the cord. It can be either the 52 inches or 70 inches, whichever more effective. If the elderly is taking a bath in sitting position, it will be more beneficial to buy the one with slide tube. Thus, the shower head can be placed in any position on the slide. Choose shower head product that has ability of water pause.

Another consideration is the material, either plastic or metal. Pick hand held shower heads that have on-off switches on the handle. If they request it, you can select shower head that has nice design. Shower head for elderly will be really better if it has several spray choices. Thus, they can set the water spraying. Last but not least, you have to consider the budget too. The cheapest shower head is ranged around $20, while the most expensive is around $700.

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