Need Longer Shower Head – Install Shower Head Extension

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Each person has different shower head needs. There are people who love the fixed shower head. There are also people who love the movable cord that can be brought here and there during a bath. Each of them gives different advantages. However, if a person needs longer shower head, she or he will need to use shower head extension.

Extension is really helpful in several ways. The first one is by giving more room under the shower head. This can be achieved by installing the upright extension. It is usually around 8 to 11 inch. The price itself ranges from $20 to $30 for the metal material. Usually, the shower extension is available in the fixed shape. Thus, you are just able to set it on the way it is. But, if you really need to set the extension on your own, you can get some extensions with elbow setting. It looks like table lamp holder, though. The price can be more expensive, up to $150. You will really happy with this one since it can be arranged once in a while according to your needs.

No matter what kind of shower head extension you want to install, we really recommend you to mind about the quality. Not all cheap extensions have bad quality and not all expensive extensions have great quality. If you don’t really mind about the price, you should buy the one that has best quality and durability. This can be achieved by reading some reviews before deciding to buy. You should also consider your needs of shower extension.

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