Is Shower Head Flow Restrictor the Best – Here Are the Pro Cons to Learn

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Having done with the stressful working hours, there is no more better thing than showering under the warm water. If you love this activity while at the same time you want to save about the water, then you need to buy shower head flow restrictor. This kind of shower is equipped with restrictor so it flow the water in low pressure. Having that said, it is only use about less than a half amount of water when it is compared with the standard one. However, this shower also sacrifices some things too. What are they? Let’s check it out bellow.

The good news after installing this shower is abundance. It is eco-friendly shower that is great addition for these days issue. When the standard shower uses about 80 gallons of water per ten minutes, then with restrictor version, it only uses 16 gallons. This is totally cool. Even, there are some products completed with pause system so it will shut off the water when you are about shaving, washing, and may more.

On the other hand, this shower also brings a lot of downsides. If you are about enjoying warm water with this shower, you will increase the energy which is claimed bigger than the standard one. This is because the small droplets will cool easily. Besides that, shower with low-flow feature is not an ideal choice for anyone living in a home with hard water condition. The mineral of the water will deposit into the shower head surface and it reduces the effectiveness of the head. So, is shower head flow restrictor the one you are looking for?

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