Installing Rain Shower Head Likes a Boss

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Don’t be hurry to call professional if you are just going to replace your rain shower head. It really is easy to do it on your own. This job can be done in less than an hour. Before starting the job, you will need to gather the materials and equipments first. You will need the shower head, of course. Pick the one that you like and based on your need. Then, don’t forget buying plumber’s tape. You will also need screwdriver!

Then, the next task is unscrewing the old shower head. This can be done using the screwdriver. It really is recommended to turn off the water current first. Once it is done, we really recommend cleaning the area of the shower head. This is to make sure that there are no leftover parts. After that, your next task is placing sealant to the header pipe. You have to use the plumber’s tape here. Put the tape on both ends of the header pipe. Use your hands along this process.

After that, you are ready to install the rain shower head to its place. Use screwdriver to strengthen the position. The next step is installing the escutcheon. It is usually used to cover the gap between the wall surface and the pipe. Once it is done, you should cover the nipple of the pipe using plumber’s tape. The next step is screwing the rain head to the nipple. Make sure it is strong enough. Now, your shower head is ready to be used!

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