Installing an Adjustable Shower Head in Your Bathroom

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A usual fixed-head shower head is not practical and also versatile. So when you decide to have an adjustable shower head in your bathroom, you want something which is more practical and flexible. It will make you more comfortable when you take a shower and you can adjust the shower position as you want. So you will enjoy you shower time. And this stuff now starts to replace the standard fixed-head shower head since it is more practical and versatile. Here what you need to know to install this thing in your bathroom.

Installing this stuff in your bathroom is not quite difficult; it is much likely similar as installing the standard stuff. The design of this stuff is quite nice. It usually has 24-inch vertical bar which mounts to the tub wall. It also has a handheld sprayer which is connected to the water supply pipe by a flexible steel hose. Installing it first you need to remove the older one. The pipe wrench must be locked onto the pipe which extends to the shower wall. Its position must be close to the wall. Then you need to carefully loosen the pipe. Then remove the wrench and you can unthread the pipe by hand.

Wrap both ends of a 1/2-inch-diameter, 1-1/2-inch-long brass nipple with Teflon tape. You need to tighten it. Now the wall supply elbow need to be threaded. Tighten it into the nipple. Then, mount the adjustable shower head. Make sure the mounting bracket will meet at each end. Then you can adjust the placement of this.

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