How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head in a Quick and Simple Way

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A leaky shower head sometimes is really annoying and disturbing since there are several situations when you need to be hurry when you take a shower and it is just suddenly leaky. You will have no time to repair it at the moment. However, you need not to worry. Fixing this thing is not quite a difficult thing to do. You can literally fix it by yourself. Here I will give you simple ways how to fix a leaky shower head.

You need to unscrew the shower head first, then you need to check the rubber gasket, maybe it needs to be replaced. Replace the old ring with the new one with the same size. Put it to the shower head. Use a Teflon tape to wrap the pipe threads of the pipe. Then you can test it now. If there is no leak from the seam when you turn the water on, then it totally works. It is easy and simple.

However, if still there is a leak from your shower, you need to unscrew it and then rescrew. You need to be sure that the shower head is hand-tight. Then you test it again, if there is a little leak from it you need to use the wrench. You need to tighten it ½ turn further. But make sure it is not too tight, it may strip the threads. It will work and your shower will not leak again. You can look up on so many references about how to fix a leaky shower head. It will help you.

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