How to Clean Shower Head in Simple and Cheap Ways

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Over time, your showers head will be dirty too as there are many deposits in it that hamper the water flow. You will need to clean it once in a while. But, do you know how to clean shower head? Let us tell you how to do it. It is relatively easy to clean it. You can rub the nozzles of the shower head by using fingers or toothbrush. This will be able to release the residual in the shower head.

You can also use vinegar for cleaning the shower head. This one is also easy to do. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar. Then, wrap the shower head with that plastic bag. We recommend you to secure it with rubber band. Leave it for around an hour. After that, you can remove the plastic bag. Turn on the water to clean the vinegar from the shower head. Another way is removing the shower head and put it in white vinegar solution. Do this within several hours to get best result.

Wait! There is another way on this how to clean shower head article. This last method requires you to read the instruction manual first. This is because you are going to clean the filter screen. Usually, you will need to remove the shower head in order to get the filter screen. Then, get it out using tweezers. Clean the filter with water until there is no residual things there. Your next task is placing back the screen and reinstalling the shower head. Now your shower head is totally clean and working perfectly!

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