DIY Installation of Double Shower Head

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Not every part of the house should be repaired by professionals. If you like DIY projects, you should be able to handle many things in the house. This is including the installation for the double shower head in the bathroom. It is relatively easy and is considered as basic DIY project. To do this, you will need to buy the shower head first. Then, prepare for the screwdriver, tape, and other equipments.

Before installing, you will need to measure the height of the shower head first. This can follow the height of the water pipe. However, if the water pipe is too high or too low, you can adjust the position by installing extension pipe to the shower head. After that, prepare the shower head. Tape the connecting pipe. This is needed to make sure that the pipe is fully sealed and there won’t be any water leakage from the connection. If you are replacing old shower head, you should make sure that the old shower head has been removed and you have cleaned the connection area. Thus, the new shower head can be placed in the right way without any leakage.

Then, you are ready to install the connecting pipe. Use the screwdriver to strengthen the position. After that, you should install the double shower head. Close the connecting pipe with the available tape. The last thing to do is checking the water flow. Turn on the shower and see if there are any problems. If the water isn’t flowing, you should reinstall it. If there are any leakages, you should check the sealant tape.

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Random Photo Gallery of DIY Installation of Double Shower Head

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