Brass Shower Head with 12 Inch Shower Arm

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Having the comfortable bathroom or shower room would be the dream of every family. Moreover if you are the new couple in new house, of course the comfortable living space is mainly what you want. For the bathroom or shower room issues, you can bring it back to the expert. However, if you are reading this article, you do not need to ask for the expert, because Brass Shower Head is enough to give you the comfortable shower room. So, what’s shower head that you want?

Brass shower with 12 inch shower arm from Kingston Brass Victorian can be good choice. It features 8 inch diameter brass shower moreover wit 12 inch shower arm and it is also completed with the oil rubbed bronze. Simple size with the black accent makes this shower head looks so elegant. It is designed with the solid brass construction. High quality becomes the mainly important in this shower head.

On the other hand, this good choice also made of the solid brass material. It brings 139 individual spray nozzies. We can install it easily on the wall. The bench of the black holder looks elegant with the plate of the shower space. Wider space brings the splash water come out perfectly. On the other hand, design and the style are really in modern style. Therefore, for your modern bathroom, this Brass Shower Head becomes good choice. We can say for traditional bathroom that you have is also suitable with the shower head because the look will make it better.

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